The heart is enigmatic, love is odd: But what is death and heartbreak if not brutality?

On Sundays, my favorite thing to do is to stay in bed, with or without food, but mostly without food until I have to get up and prepare for another week of lack of sleep and a constant state of exhaustion. Even though I would rather sleep, my brain works in a different way; so... Continue Reading →

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Breathing through keyboards and codes: Internet of Things

Image by jrhode on Creative Commons under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Hi, it’s a new week, not entirely new with the Afro Bloggers #WinterABC2020 Writing Challenge because as we left last week’s, we are also going into the new week reflecting. Today’s prompt is “4 things I have learned on social media” and as someone who is constantly on... Continue Reading →

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Of Plasas, Ebbeh, and Orgasms

It’s day three of the #AfroBloggers challenge and to be honest with you, I did not feel like posting today. I thought just maybe if I have posted two days in a row, that was enough for a commitment. Also partly because there have been constant power cuts and I have gotten so much used... Continue Reading →

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